cheap jerseys from china 's parents outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital"/> inLineImageCaption Photographers take pictures of The Duchess of Cambridge's parents outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's HospitalMr Knauf wrote: “Already concealed by darkened windows, he took the added step of hanging sheets inside the vehicle and created a hide stocked with food and drinks to get him through a full day of surveillance, waiting in hope to capture images of Prince George.“Police discovered him lying down in the boot of the vehicle attempting to shoot photos with a long lens through a small gap in his hide.”The letter listed a number of similar incidents from recent months, including the use of long lenses to capture the Duchess of Cambridge playing with her son in private parks and “monitoring the movements” of Prince George, his nanny and other household staff. inline-image w460 leftAligned Britain's Prince George of Cambridge looks into the pram carrying his sister Princess Charlotte, pushed by Kate the Duchess of Cambridge with Prince William at left, as they leave the Church of St Mary Magdalene after her christening on the Sandringham Estate, England, Sunday inLineImageCaption Prince George has become the 'number one target' for international photographers, Kensington Palace saidThe list included the following alleged incidents:? used other children to draw Prince George into view around playgrounds;? been found hiding on private property in fields and woodland locations around The Duke and Duchess's home in Norfolk;? obscured themselves in sand dunes on a rural beach to take photos of Prince George playing with his grandmother;? placed locations near the Middleton family home in Berkshire under steady surveillance gallery-10302821" class="esi-gallery" data-galleryId="10302821 incoming/kensington-palace-releases-images-of-princess-charlotte-and-prince-george-10302821 Kensington Palace releases images of Princess Charlotte and Prince George Friends and family have also been photographed visiting the royal residence and had their cars pursued when they left.“The tactics being used are increasingly dangerous,” a spokesperson for Kensington Palace said.“It is hoped that those who pay paparazzi photographers for their images of children will be able to better understand the distressing activity around a two-year-old boy that their money is fuelling.“We also feel that the readers who enjoy the publications…understand the tactics deployed to obtain these photos.” Earlier this year a survey emerged that suggested half of all Japanese adults were not having regular sex – cue dozens of silly think pieces in the Western media on how the rise of “geek culture” had destroyed the Japanese libido, creating a generation of people more interested in playing with their hi-tech gadgets than with each other. The Book of Tokyo, the latest anthology of city-themed fiction from the excellent Comma Press, provides a neat riposte to that specious argument, given that it is chock-full of sex-mad Japanese. In Banana Yoshimoto’s “Mummy”, translated by Takami Nieda, a young student has a one-night stand with an eccentric Egyptologist (“we screwed like rabbits”) while Shuichi Yoshida’s “An Elevator on Sunday”, translated by Ginny Tapley Takemori, features a couple who make kinky home videos.Nevertheless, it’s true that Japanese couples are getting married less frequently and having fewer children nowadays, and these societal shifts are reflected in the country’s literature: many of the protagonists here are reluctant to commit to a relationship; they are alone, if not lonely. There are unhappy older couples wondering if having a child might have kept them together. One interesting corollary to this atomising trend is an inward turn: “Someone like me with no children has a lot to think about … I guess that’s what they call ‘the lightness cheap jerseys from china cheap jerseys from china nfl jerseys paypal