Ilmington Parish Council




1824-1830 Mr Samuel Gwinnett
1828  Mr George Harborne  
1830-7? Mr Thomas Gill
1845-8   Mr Edward Adams  
1848-1853 Mr E. Ashwin, one of the founder members of the Club (died 1853)
1853 Mr T.M. Ashwin, his son
1854-1863? Mr John Shapcote Leaver. Secretary to the Birthplace Committee 1852-1866 and to the Trustees of Shakespeare’s Birthplace  1866-1886
1874 Mr George John Lapworth 
1874-1885 Mr John Charles Warden, solicitor
1885-[1890] Mr John Dixon Taylor, both Secretary and Treasurer.
1890-1905 Mr Richard Savage. Librarian and Secretary of Shakespeare’s Birthplace 1884-1910.  
1905 Mr Henry Hickling  
1906-1908 Mr S.F. Ellis (and Treasurer 1890-1916), Manager of Lloyds Bank, Stratford-upon-Avon.
1908-1916 Mr Reginald Latimer Greene, Mayor of Stratford-upon-Avon 1891-4.
1916-1925 Mr F.W. Wellstood, Secretary and Librarian, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, 1910-42.
1925-1932 Mr W.B. Ainsworth, Secretary and Treasurer 1928-32
1932-1933 Miss W.E. Morgan, Honorary Secretary of the Shakespeare Festival Celebration Fund in 1921
1933-5 Mr Gerald Q. Jaggard  
1935-1940 Mr E.G. Tibbits, Assistant Archivist, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, 1933-9, author of Ancient Records of Warwick (1938)
1940-1942 Mr W.T.H. Adams
1942-1944 Mr J.G. Bourne
1944-5 Mr W.B. Ainsworth pro tem
1945-6 Mr John H. Bird, journalist for the Evesham Journal.
1946-1968 Mr George Darlow, Headmaster of Hugh Clopton Secondary Modern School.
1968-1980 Mr Roger Pringle, Education Assistant 1967-1985, Deputy Director 1985-9, Director 1989-2007 of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust;  President 1993-4 and Vice President since 1995 of the Shakespeare Club   
1980-3 Miss Kate Flint and Dr Lorna Flint, authors of Poetry in Perspective: A Critical Anthology (1963)
1983-9 Dr Mary McGowan with Miss Mary Farren Smith
1990-7 Dr Mary McGowan and Dr Susan Brock (Librarian, Shakespeare Institute of the University of Birmingham 1978-1997; Head of Library and Academic Resource Development, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, 1997-2005)  
1997-2000 Dr Susan Brock and Mrs Daphne Ingram
2000-10 Mrs Daphne Ingram and Mrs Eileen Geldard (Programme Secretary)
2011-2012 Dr Susan Brock and Mrs Helen Hargest (Programme Secretary)
2012 –2018  Dr Susan Brock and Miss Mary Reardon (Programme Secretary)
2018 - 2020  Mrs Sylvia Morris and Miss Mary Reardon (Programme Secretary)

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