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Shakespeare Club rosette, 1930s.


2020-21  197th season of the Club
President: Sir Stanley Wells
Life Vice President: Roger Pringle

With regular meetings suspended because of COVID-19, From October the Club is beginning a series of virtual meetings on a range of Shakespeare-related subjects for those on their mailing list. More information about how to take part can be found on the News page here.

Our first virtual meetings will be:

13 October 2020.  Rebekah Owens.  Frederick Samuel Boas:  A University-Extension Shakespearean

10 November. Patricia Lennox: Shakespeare and Costume

8 December.  Presidential evening with Sir Stanley Wells

12 Jan 2021 Lecture to be given by Dr Tiffany Stern, Professor of Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham.

9 Feb 2021.  Dr Ajnja Chouhan: King John and the Victorians

9 Mar 2021. Dr Miranda Kaufmann: Black Tudors

13 April 2021. Celebrating Shakespeare’s Birthday in Stratford-upon-Avon: the Shakespeare Club remembers

11 May 2021. : Professor Carol Rutter: Antony and Cleopatra


Minutes of past meetings may be found here

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